Chalk Hill Cookery
Chalk Hill Cookery

Our Cuisine

A historical record, showcasing 14 years of menus created by Chef Matteo are available for your review. These menus were meticulously crafted using local and sustainable produce indigenous to the geographic area. The seasonal harvest, flavors and characteristics of the region inspired these culinary creations. Organic farmer's markets, local horticulturalists, and local and "green" certified farms comprise the source of all the ingredients we use for our menus.

In 2003 and continuing through the first half of 2012, the menus were crafted under the 4 Course Vegan dinners, popular in the New York area. The latter half of 2012 spawned the evolution of Chef Matteo's vision with the launch of Chalk Hill Cookery, nestled in heart of the wine country region. Chalk Hill Cookery is partnering and collaborating with farmers markets, vintners and organic farms in the Healdsburg area to capture the flavors and virtues distinctive to the region.

We believe the quality of our culinary creations are a balance of quality, environmentally and ecologically conscience farming practices, and a combination of flavors and textures that compliment our individual dishes and our seasonal menu as a whole... We invite you to join us!

September 26th, 2018 - 04:19:02 am